T-shirt 87. T-shirts with hundreds of designs. We carry out any design on a cotton T-shirt with digital printing DTG.

Sizes and details

Digital design printing information:

  •  DTG digital printing technology
  • The inks are directly on the material without the use of thermal papers
  •    It does not go away with washing and ironing
  •    Maximum print size on T-shirt is 14 x 16 inches, and varies to fit the T-shirt it's printed on
  •    To view photos and videos of some of our work after printing, visit our Instagram page in Stories (our work) here

Design print vinyl information:

  •  Using vinyl material for fabrics
  •  Suitable for a simple design in a solid color, a phrase, a written sentence, or the printing of numbers.
  •  The best choice for printing a white design on a black or colored T-shirt.
  •  Needs special care with washing and ironing (cold wash and iron inside out)

T-shirt info:

  •    100% cotton
  •    Medium Thickness 170-190 GSM
  •    T-shirt industry in India and Bangladesh
  •    print design in saudi arabia

Hoodies (Pullovers) info:

  •    100% cotton
  •    The thickness of the material is heavy, winter
  •    Hoodies are only available in special designs
  •    hoodies industry in india

Washing Instructions:

  •    Wash at 30-35 ° C with the T-shirt turned over to keep the colors bright for as long as possible

Size charts:

Adult T-Shirt Sizes (width on one side) - these sizes do not apply to navy blue T-shirts.

Children's T-shirt sizes (one side width)

Sizes Hoodies - Pullovers (width on one side)

Adult T-shirt sizes (one side width)